VIRUS: Addition by subtraction!

Oh no!!!! No, not THAT type of virus! Not the type that a “Z-Pak” or antibiotic can “knock” out. Oh no….this virus is a person that subtlety or not so subtlety breaks you down…you know the one….the one that “sucks the life” out of you. Sometimes your virus is a a family member, a long time friend, even a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse! I am particularly talking about the more subtle virus in your life. Not the person that betrays you or lies to you and destroys your trust. In a way, those type of people do you a favor…at least you KNOW exactly what they are. The virus I am talking about is the one that slowly kills your dreams, self-esteem, your confidence. Now, be honest, this truly is our own fault that we would allow someone to have so much power over us….but it happens to the best of us!

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The virus that slowly destroys you inside out takes time. The person that tells you that your ideas are dumb, or you don’t have the ability to do it, or you aren’t smart enough. The one that rots your dreams until you just exist. You stop dreaming about your future. You stop thinking about your goals. Their influence starts to change your thought patterns, what you say, how you think.

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Until one day you “wake” up and realize that the virus in your life must be eradicated! Now this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many times it takes a significant amount of personal “healing” or personal development to get that confidence back, build that self-esteem, and understand that the “virus” is not needed in your life. Their opinions are just that…their own and their opinions DO NOT define you as a person, your future, or what you are capable of achieving!

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This not a simple process but here is the short version on how to eradicate yourself from the “virus” in your life.

  1. As soon as possible, remove yourself from the virus. Break free. Replace that virus with quality people that encourage you, lift you up, brings out the best in you.
  2. You are the sum of the five closest people in your life. Check out more here: You are the Sum of Five! Take a hard look at who you surround yourself with. Having the right people in your life can “make or break” what you achieve, who you become, and most importantly achieving personal peace and joy.
  3. Pour good information into your head. Stop consuming negative information from the sensationalism media and social media. I am not saying not to stay plugged in, just guard yourself to what and whom you are listening too. Fill your mind with quality, positive information and watch yourself turn your mind set in a positive direction. Takes time, but YOU have control over your thought process! Check out this blog post for more about your feelings: I don’t FEEL like it! In our negative society it takes focus and work to build a positive outlook and mindset. Below is a list of books that I have found helpful in building, re-building, repairing, or maintaining a positive mindset. By no means is the an exhaustive list, but a solid start. If you have some recommendations please leave them in the comments!
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