Thanks for joining us! We are the traveling Clawson’s. We are Diane and Frank Clawson and live in Mayberry….no really…Mayberry. We live in Mount Airy, North Carolina…hometown of Andy Griffith who created The Andy Griffith Show.  We hope that you can find love, excitement, and fulfillment like we have. We have no doubts that God placed us together for a reason.

Our story started back 2010 over breakfast at Bojangles fast food restaurant. Best chicken filet biscuit you will ever put into your mouth! Sorry we regress. Life has had its ups and downs like everyone else, but we found love and such a deep sense of commitment to each other that we are often told we are “relationship goals”! Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t perfect…just perfect for each other!

I am an active over 50 year old “life long learner” with a sense of adventure and a taste for travel. I want to share my knowledge and life experiences with you so maybe, just maybe, you can avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into during his journey to love, happiness, peace, and joy. I have experience in health care, public health, wellness consulting, occupational health management, business ownership, retail management, and light manufacturing. I created, owned, and operated 4 restaurants, coordinated a cutting edge heart disease program for the state of North Carolina and CDC, spent 3 years in retail management with the world largest retailer, helped build a struggling occupational health department within a community hospital by 300% in an eighteen month period , and assisted with a light manufacturer to build his business 10 fold in a 5 year period.

Diane is EVEN more adventurous! She is either “mach one” or asleep on the couch, which is rare! She is a pediatric open heart and neonatal travel nurse. She has seen many places and medical centers in her 20+ years of nursing. She taken assignments throughout the southeast, such as, Children’s National in Washington, DC, University of Virginia, Levine Children’s in Charlotte, NC, John Hopkins All Children’s in Saint Petersburg, Florida to name a few. I KNOW…she doesn’t look old enough to have 20+ years of nursing. Diane is over 40 and is ready for the next adventure “at a drop of a hat”!

We are ALWAYS ready to share what we have learned with others in all aspects of life…travel, nursing, spirituality, relationships, raising kids, starting restaurants, business, personal development, etc. But, our true passion is travel!

As we go along over time we will be sharing our insights on various topics ranging from raising kids (We have 6 boys, 1 daughter, and one grandson), blending a family, finding love after 40/50 years old and keeping it, fitness and nutrition after 40/50 years old, and travel. WE LOVE TRAVEL! We will do product and service reviews that we have found to be of value and genuinely effective.

We are no experts, just a guy and a girl that has been ‘through the mud” and have emerged better for it. We just feel this need to share and possibly help others avoid some mud!

Primarily this blog is about travel, but not limited to just that topic. Travel truly “lights our fire” and we value experiences over “stuff”. We hope you enjoy our blog and it brings you great value. Drop us a note and tell us what you want us to write about!

So here we go!!!!

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