excursion3Thanks for joining me! Welcome to the start of my life Blog. I am a half century (51 now!) “life long learner” and I want to share my knowledge and life experiences with you so maybe, just maybe, you can avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into during my journey to this point.

As we go along over time I will be sharing my insights on various topics ranging from raising kids (I have 4 boys, 2 step sons, 1 step daughter, and one grandson), blending a family, finding love after 40 and keeping it, fitness and nutrition, and travel. I will do product and service reviews that I have found to be of value and genuinely effective.

I am no expert, just a guy that has been ‘through the mud” and have emerged better for it. I just feel this need to share and possibly help others avoid some mud!

So here we go!!!!