Tips for traveling to Mexico or anywhere else for that matter!

If you are headed to the Caribbean, Mexico, or any country for that matter…I can only hope this blog post will be helpful to you! This information was originally written for my sons and step sons as we prepared for our trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The information has been edit to read more for you now! Keep an eye out for that blog post on the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda!

These are MY opinions…so if you don’t agree…sorry! Lol

Ok PARTY TRAIN…This is your conductor speaking!

PLEASE READ this message as if I am a concerned party member (which I am!) with experience, not DAD or Step-DAD!

Pointers and Tips for packing and other related items!

  • – MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE for your flight if you have a domestic flight before changing planes to leave the country.
  • – MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORT WITH YOU!!!!!!! Pretend your passport is your phone!!!!

    – Bring SOME cash.

    – Don’t buy the girlfriend or yourself a “souvenir”! …in 18-84 months you will be giving it to Goodwill.


    – Personal Care Products: ONLY pack what you need and in NO MORE THAN 3 oz containers!!!! Airport Security WILL throw away anything more than 3 oz.

    – SUNSCREEN: Bring some from the states…on the resort the cost is 5x to 10x the cost!!!! And if you think you don’t need it you are an IDIOT! I don’t care how much you hate sunscreen (because I do too) you MUST use it so you can ENSURE a good time!

    – NO knives or finger nail clippers…CLIP your finger AND toe nails before leaving and you will be good! This is to avoid any security issues in the states or anywhere else.

    – SWIMTRUNKS!!!!!!! Bring 1 or 2…I am bringing only two.

    – SHOES: Bring as FEW as possible. I wear athletic shoes to fly and pack my “dress” shoes and flip flops in my bag.

    – You MUST dress nicer for dinner…not my rule, the resort! No flip flops or crocks for dinner. “Boat” shoes are ideal. If you don’t have any, DO NOT, again DO NOT, go and buy any. A causal dress shoe will work. If you don’t have that, don’t worry…we will smuggle you into dinner…but if you have some, please pack them!

    – Dinner attire: pants are usually required, SOMETIMES dress shorts are ok. NOW…don’t pack more than two pairs of pants! You will ONLY wear them for dinner (1 hour or 2) and we will change after dinner! “Polo” type shirts are good for dinner if you don’t want to pack dress shirts! Just no t-shirts FOR DINNER.

    – SHIRTS: This is what I do. Usually I am without a shirt during the day, but carry one with me just in case we eat lunch before going by the room, or go into a bar (usually I am at the swim up bar or they just bring it to me….OVER AND OVER!!! hehe…so no shirt needed. So…here is the GREAT ADVICE…the shirt I wore to dinner the night BEFORE I use as my daytime shirt the next day! So that cuts down the number of shirts you need. I recommend packing Dri-Fits or your “thinnest” shirts so you can maximize your space.

    – Remember….most likely you will never see ANY of these people EVER again….so who cares what the hell you look like! We are there to eat, drink, and be MERRY!

    – HATS: if you like wearing a hat, that will help battle the sun. I look like a complete dumbass in a hat and I should read number 14 again! Soooo….I just might bring a hat too.

    – USE USE USE the right sized LUGGAGE. Use the right size for our flights to avoid extra luggage fees and checking a bag. This ALSO ensures you have your clothes. Luggage has been known to get lost and if it gets lost in Mexico or any other place…you most likely will NEVER see your clothes again!!!!!!

    -Use a book bag that will slide under your seat to carry flip flops, swim suit, and t-shirt. With those items you will be able to change if your room isn’t ready or if you lose your luggage! Also, it is a great way to carry your valuables and devices. If your pockets are deep on your shorts or pants…I recommend keeping cash in your FRONT pocket to ensure it’s “safety “!

    I HIGHLY recommend you only bring the electronics you absolutely need. I don’t even bring my iPad anymore. It is just a bigger pain in the rear going through security.

    – Don’t forget your charging cord and charging block.

    – Don’t FORGET SUNGLASSES!!!!!


    -Be aware of your surroundings, particularly OFF the resort.

    -Stay together as a group when not on the resort.

    – After landing in you will have to go through customs…this process can be OVERWHELMING! There will be a form you must fill out. They will show you what to do, but take this process seriously! You will NOT be in America and not everyone loves Americans! I can’t stress this enough! Be serious until you get on the resort!!!! After that, BOOM! It will be on like Donkey Kong!

    – The customs form will require resort address, length of stay, etc…make sure it is correct! Again…be serious and focused through the customs process to make sure this isn’t a stress event!

    – As you walk out of the airport you will be BOMBARDED by vendors asking us to book excursions or if we need transportation. Just keep walking and STAY together as you walk outside! I know you will want to look around, but this part of…insert any country here….is NOTHING compared to what you will see…so stay focused on getting outside to transportation.

    – Transportation is OVERWHELMING even for the seasoned traveler. It is just a ton of transportation vendors to navigate! We book our transportation ahead of time through our personal booking engine.

    – I tip the driver before we leave and the bellman at the resort when we arrive.

    – The bellman should take our bags for us to check in. They will deliver your bags to your room…you need to tip them $5 on delivery IF you are in the room when they arrive. TAKE YOUR wallet, passport, money, phone with YOU!!!!! to check in! DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR BAG!!!!

    – After checking in…learn to use your in-room safe and leave your money, passport, and any other valuables in that safe. Just read the instructions. Leave your phone in the safe if you aren’t going to carry it with you on the resort or to dinner.

    These were the “rules” for our kids (well 6 out of 7) for this particular trip. Please keep in mind all 6 are guys, ages 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, and 24. Obviously would be different depending on the ages of your kids. Our kids are young adults!!!

    Three (3) RULES FOR MY FAMILY for this particular TRIP!!!!!!!!

    #1- DO NOT LEAVE THE RESORT!!!!! You need to experience Cancun, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, or <insert your country of choice here>….at some point in your life….just not on my watch! Just to stressful for me! Do I think anything would happen to us out on the town. NO! But I can almost say with 100% certainty it will not on the resort!

    #2 – We don’t care what you do on the resort, how late you stay up, or where you go ON THE RESORT….but our requirement is that you MUST eat dinner with us! Now…if you don’t like the food or what we have selected for dinner that night….join us for drinks and after dinner go to the restaurant YOU want! Can you say ALL inclusive baby!!!!!

    #3 – HAVE FUN!!!!!!

    I hope you find these tips and small “nuggets” of suggestions helpful. Even if just one point triggers something in you…well then…this blog post has been worth it!!!

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