Level UP!

So…on my 52nd Birthday (June 5th) I decided to start a “revolution”! Instead of being a certain age you are now that level.

Let me explain…instead of being 52 years old I am at level 52! This is perfect for today’s game players. Also it corresponds with experience. So a 12 year old kid would be level 12, significantly lower than me at level 52 or say someone at level 86.

Once you gain more experience “points” (years) then you level up! The more experience…the better “player” you are in life!

So grandparents are complete bad-a&$’s…level 70+, 80+, maybe even 90+ !!!! Toddlers…not so much! Just getting started…level 3! Teenagers…level 13-18! See what I mean…instead of feeling older…leveling up makes you feel powerful!!!!!!

So….who is with me? Let’s start a revolution! No more birthdays! Just leveling up!!!!

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