Enjoy life!

I’d rather be gossiped about, criticized, and put out of the group then to spend my life stuck in a destructive life boat with others that have no direction.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Life is not about the arrival it is the journey we take to get there. We have to enjoy the journey and learn to live in the moment. Now that doesn’t mean be irresponsible with finances and relationships. It means to adopt a mindset of enjoy life everyday. Make life “fun”, 365 days a year!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If life seems hard and complicated then stop trying to change your circumstances and start trying a different approach. It all starts within. You might not be able to change your circumstances, but you can change yourself and how you feel and react to those circumstances! You can change a whole situation just by how you think about things. You can not expect different outcomes doing the same thing over and over. Choose to live life by design.

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Here are 2 suggestions that I have found to be helpful in “reprogramming” your mindset to a more positive position. These might sound silly to you, but try them 30 days and see if you don’t have a more grateful, peaceful, and joyful life. Just commit and utilize to these 2 SIMPLE strategies and be amazed how your mindset will improve!

Moser Cone Manor House, Blowing Rock, North Carolina

#1- Either write down or type up the heading “I AM GRATEFUL FOR:”. Now list 5 things you are grateful in your life. Make 3-4 of the items “big” items. Like I am grateful for my kids being healthy, I am grateful for my wife, I am grateful that my walk with christ is improving, I am grateful that my business is growing. Make the other 1 or 2 smaller. Like these: I am grateful that I have a wonderful bed to sleep in, I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, I am grateful I have a car, I am grateful I don’t go hungry, I am grateful for M&M’s. You get the idea. I realize that what is “big” and what is “small” is relative to where you are in life and your life. In review…list 5 items you are grateful for, 3-4 “big” ones and 1-2 “small” ones.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

#2 – Skip a space or two and either write or type “I am:”. Now list a MINIMUM of 10 (20 is ideal) affirmations under the heading. What is an affirmation? Now this is my personal definition…so please no english police come and get me! An affirmation is nothing more than a confirming within your mind of something to be true. So list 10-20 of your OWN affirmations. 20 is better. Here are some examples I have personally use or have used to “get my mind right”! Here we go: I am a attractive man. I am a calm, relaxed, loving person. I am an intelligent man. I am in the process of developing my spiritual walk. I am becoming a lean, strong, fit person. I am becoming a leader. I am doing the things to achieve the highest rank in my company. I think you get the idea. SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE!

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

After you have written or typed up the 5 items you are grateful for and your 20 affirmations…place your list RIGHT beside your bed. Not on your desk, or in the car, or on the dresser across the room…RIGHT BESIDE YOUR BED…on your night stand! Upon awakening EVERYDAY for at least 30 days, read the list out loud. Now if you have a roommate or a spouse that will think you are “nuts” then read the list to yourself. Read or speak out loud the list with purpose. Don’t just blast through the list as fast as possible. THINK about what you are saying, get a vision of what you are saying in your mind. This is very important.

Blue Ridge Parkway near Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

All this will seem a little crazy at first, but after a few days it will not. This simple exercise can have a huge impact on your daily thought process. Give it time to work on “reprogramming” your mind. Life has a way of beating you up so much you don’t even know it has! Focus on this exercise, commit to completing each day…and see what it does. As crazy as all this may seem….what if it works? What do you really have to lose? Worst case scenario you start your day in a much better and thankful mindset than just jumping out of bed to tackle your day.

Rugged Maniac, Rockingham, North Carolina

Good luck, Give it a try. If you have any questions, just comment or ask below. I am no expert. Just a guy that did not live his best life for the first 40 years, but sure have found happiness, joy, and peace that last 10+ years. I want you to have that too! Life is fun 365 for me and it is available to you too!

Island of Grenada
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