Charlottesville, Virginia… Gateway to Shenandoah National Park

Written by: Diane Clawson

History abounds in this town! Life is a highway and as you crest over Afton Mountain heading east into Charlottesville, Virginia on Interstate 64 the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses over you and to the right beautiful scenery stretches on for miles.

We took a moment to stop at the scenic overlook and take in the miles of views, which happens to also be the home of some amazing wineries (check out that post coming soon).

Once back on the road we decided to have some local fare at the Virginian. The Virginian is the oldest active restaurant in Charlottesville and was established in 1923. This quaint little restaurant is just around the corner from the Rotunda on the University of Virginia campus.

The restaurant is long with the bar on the left and booths that line the wall on the right. It has a wooden, rustic flair. People in the south, like we are, love some macaroni and cheese! This place has it on their menu as an appetizer and a main dish. One word….LEGENDARY! It is VERY cheesy and comes to the table in a bowl with a corn fritter on top, which is equally as delicious. I love the crab cakes and once again they do not disappoint!

After leaving the restaurant we ended our day strolling along the brick sidewalks in this historic town. Be on the lookout for another post as we discuss things to do around Charlottesville. There is PLENTY to do and we will not be able to cover of all them. History abounds in these mountains!

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