You are the SUM of FIVE

The older I get the more I believe you are “sum” of your 5 closest friends. The number isn’t an exact amount, could be 3, 4, or 6….but the point is these people have TREMENDOUS amount of influence on you with or without you even knowing! The number 5 is about the amount I have found to be the optimal amount of close friends that will ebb and flow in and out of your life.

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Let’s talk about how these 5 people should treat you! These people should be your “cheerleader”, your motivator, your voice of reason, your supporter! They are COMMITTED to your well being…physically, emotionally, and intellectually. These people are not easy to find! Sometimes they are life long friends, sometimes they come out of nowhere all of a sudden. Sometimes that friend that is in your circle of 5 moves out of the circle as you grow or they go a different path. That is ok. The sum of your 5 closest friends will be ever changing and adjusting! Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have one or two friends that are lifelong friends and you should hold them in high regard…as long as they maintain the high standard of the committed friend that wants your best, no matter what. These friends can rise above even family members! Some of people worst “enemies” are family members looking out for your best interest!

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Friends in your circle should encourage you to take the chance, take the risk, take the leap, following your dream. You will have at least one in your circle that will be the realist and help you maintain some sense of balance, HOWEVER…they don’t crush your dream!!! Oh no! Not at all….they just give you perspective so you can make a “calculated” LEAP!

The people you surround yourself will influence your thought process and behaviors weather you realize it or not! Be extremely careful who you surround yourself with! Before you know it your thought process can be influenced in a direction that might not even be who you are! If you have negativity in your life I suggest you start taking a “cold, hard” look at your closest friends? Remember, you ARE the sum of your closest friends.

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