DreamTrips Travel Club Review

What sets DreamTrips apart?

Why are DreamTrips more valuable?

DreamTrips offer distinct differences over what someone can book over an online travel site all at SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS!

How to save? By having nearly a million members world wide in a travel club that is NOT a timeshare and has NO contracts. Try it out and if it is not for you…then quit anytime!

Uber and Lyft changed the taxi industry, Netflix changed video rentals, Skype changed long distance…well now DreamTrips will change the travel industry!

Maho Beach

What makes a DreamTrip an extraordinary vacation?

1. ALWAYS a 4 or 5 Star Hotel/Resort, ALWAYS! Sometimes 5 and 6 DIAMOND Resorts!!!

2. Travel Host on your vacation the entire time, supplied by DreamTrips, not the resort. They are your onsite resource, guide, and support person…IF you need them! They are badA$$ folks at their job. Invaluable!

3. Welcome Table. DreamTrips provides a welcome table with your host to welcome you, provide you with the itinerary, answer any questions, and greet you with a smile! Depending on the DreamTrip, you might even have expedited check in. The host will give you a “You Should Be Here” sign and a DreamTrips bracelet. Platinum Members get an additional special gift!

4. Welcome reception a few hours after check in to kick off your DreamTrip! Might be drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvers, a full meal, a 3 course dinner, or as simple as an ice cream social. The reception is DreamTrip appropriate based on the type of DreamTrip.

5. Your excursion(s) are already planned and included in the price. The excursion has been curated long before you have arrived to ensure a high quality experience! Depending on the DreamTrip you might have multiple excursions!!!ALL included! The host has already arranged transportation to and from the excursion. They will give you the logistics for pick up for the excursion when you check in!

6. Depending on the Dreamtrip some or all your meals are included and airport transfers.

DreamTrips allows travelers to experience a vacation at a new level.

It has been our experience over the last 3.5 years and 19 DreamTrips is that when comparing prices with Expedia, Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, ETC! (and trust me, being a numbers person, I compare!) we have found this: (FULL DISCLOSURE)

1. When comparing…DreamTrips cost INCLUDES TAX and ANY FEES…online booking engines give you a great rate, UNTIL the end of the booking and then you see the tax and any additional fees…all of a sudden that great price, isn’t so great!

2. Pricing the room…apples to apples…many of DreamTrip rooms are upgraded rooms, so you have to make sure you are comparing like rooms. The cost of the room stay with the online booking engine is about the cost of the ENTIRE DreamTrip with ALL the features listed above…the online booking engine compared to DreamTrips is usually just a little bit higher. IN OTHER WORDS….You pay a little less for your room AND GET a Welcome Reception, On-Site Travel Host, Excursion(s), some or all meals, transportation, and some gifts. DreamTrips is VALUE ADDED! All those included items can add up to 100’s of dollars! Sometimes more!

To be member of the club you have to join. Unlike most memberships to anything, your monthly membership is used to pay down the cost of your DreamTrip, not to line the pockets of company management.


To be a member it costs as low as 1 dollar and 1 dime a day! $32 a month! ALL of which goes into YOUR travel “cloud” to use to pay down your DreamTrips! Which number 5,000 annually! Something for everyone!

There are 3 additional membership levels available to meet your travel needs with added features. There are plenty of options for the “do it yourself” traveler to the “do it ALL for me” traveler! This travel concept is a game changer for the once a year traveler to the EVERYDAY traveler! Members who purchase a membership and utilize all the features NEVER go back to burning hours upon hours searching the net for the best travel deal!

Hard Rock Cafe, Cabo

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me. I am a no pressure guy and would love the opportunity to share this amazing travel concept. I can present the concept in person, by video, or online. Of course no obligation to look. PM me for more information. “You Should Be Here”!


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