PART 3: What are your skills that you would bring to the council? What will you do?

This is Part 3 of 5.

Part 1: Family

Part 2: Background

Part 3: What are your skills that you would bring to the council? What will you do?

Part 4: The Current Issues

Part 5: What about some personal questions? What do you like to do? What are passionate about?

If you want more detail about ANYTHING below, just ask!

A willingness to work with others for the betterment of the citizens…THE MAJORITY of citizens.  To ensure that our city prospers we MUST be open to hearing the view points of others. From all walks of life. We must work with education, government, the health care community, business and industry and LISTEN to their concerns. Moving our city and county into the future with the opportunity to prosper must begin with honest and open dialog and seek to find common ground for the betterment of ALL citizens. The issues our city and county face will REQUIRE a multi-facetted approach no matter if it is economic development or the opioid crisis (and it is a crisis!).

More openness, transparency. I understand that there are times when a closed session must be utilized. Personnel issues is an example.  I feel…even if a board has every legal right to have closed sessions, that doesn’t mean a board should. Even if everything is “on the up and up” and is legitimate….this gives the perception that it is not!

I am fiscally conservative. I will not vote to spend money WITHOUT the maximum amount of return for the citizens. I don’t enjoy paying anymore taxes than I must! I have paid city and county taxes for 28 years and understand the issues.

I will treat taxpayers dollars, just as there are…THE TAXPAYERS! As a board you are elected to make policy and decisions for the citizens that ensures that they are safe and can pursue their best shelf.  I DO NOT take that responsibility lightly.  

I vote for the benefit of the MAJORITY citizens, not a handful.

I listen more and speak less. I welcome citizen input on ANY matter. Good or bad, same view point or different, from the senior to the young person, male or female. You get the idea!

I seek to find common ground.  This is not as hard to do as it sounds, IF we want the same outcome…the best for our city and its citizens.

I seek to produce “win-win” solutions.  SEE COMMON GROUND!

I will remind everyone…we are on the same team. We all want what is best for the city. If you don’t, you should!

This has been said over and over by candidates and our current council….this election is a pivotal point for the direction of our city.

If you want a council person that will make decisions based on strategy, facts, education and NOT emotion…then I am your person.


Citizens of Mount Airy…what direction do you want to head?

Link to Part 1: Family

Link to Part 2:Background

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